Master Cylinders
Offering a range of single and tandem master cylinders with fixed or remote reservoirs we have a long history in their manufacture. Whether it’s a classic steel and tin arrangement or a performance focused product for motorsport and Formula One we have delivered them all. From braised assemblies to lightweight fully machined aluminium alloy cylinder with remote mounted reservoirs we have been developing these lines to perfectly match our braking solutions.
The ability to calculate exacting requirements in-house and a selection of standard sizes coupled with the ability to design solutions specific to application means we have the capability to provide the product you are looking for.
Electro-Hydraulic Boost Unit (EHBU)
The EHBU is designed for the next generation of electric and autonomous vehicles offering a combined master cylinder and booster assembly with electric drive. Utilising our in-house motor controller our self-contained EHBU offers a flexible calibration. Each product must be matched to a specific platform requirement please contact one of our team to discuss.