Made in Britain since 1920

Liberty Vehicle Technologies (LVT) is a Tier 1 supplier and engineered products business collective with a heritage in the design and manufacture of vehicle components dating back to 1920.

Today, through its various product brands and unique capability, LVT develops, designs and manufactures a range of engineered product solutions including braking systems, control electronics, mechatronics and special vehicles to a wide range of markets from motorsport to automotive, autonomous vehicles, defence and end consumers.


Established in 1920 and originally known as Automotive Products 920Engineering (920E) is traditionally a brake systems supplier. Today, in conjunction with Shiftec, 920E offers specialist engineering, control electronics, and precision manufacturing delivering solutions and support services across numerous products and markets. From its UK base the company supplies Tier 1 Automotive to Niche Manufacturers, Motorsport, and Aftermarket.

Established as a high performance pneumatic paddle-shift business Shiftec now supplies numerous control, electronic and mechatronic systems from steer, brake and clutch by wire to precision boost control and brushless motor systems for autonomous, electric and motorsport vehicles. In conjunction with 920E, Shiftec has expanded its mechanical and manufacturing capability while also transitioning it technology to Automotive sectors.

Established in 1949 Clydesdale Jones designs and manufactures operator and driver interface controls such as handbrakes, pedal boxes and control levers for specialist applications. Predominantly a supplier to the off-highway sector Clydesdale Jones also supply a range of Niche OEM marques. From its manufacturing base in the UK.

Inspired by the iconic T1 supercar the Evolution concept, developed by 920E, is an entirely new supercar designed from the ground up. Drawing upon the full suite of capability from across the Liberty Group and incorporating many advanced technologies the track focused Evolution forms a technology demonstrator with a limited-edition production

Based in Hereford UK, SMT provides fleet management, maintenance, driver training and full vehicle upgrades. Primarily delivering solutions for Special Forces applications the business, led by ex-Special Forces operators, designs and manufactures full vehicle upgrades focused on high mobility capability with the needs of service personnel and operators given absolute priority.

UK designed and manufactured cycles, Liberty Cycles Division, includes both the Trillion and Shand range of bikes. Each Trillion and Shand frame is handmade, to order, at our Livingston facility and customised to the owner's exacting and individual specification.